TIME Already finished and presented works competition
INFO  100% free and creative task is performed in advance.
 The participant has to perform three-dimensional crystal
embellishement on 3 tips – can be composed with other design
 Theme – free. The participant can perform any type of image –
animals, flowers, portraits, salon designs, lifestyle and so on.
 Tips do not have to be filled with crystals or design tools.
 Work mus be done on 3 tips, the size of which must not exceed
6x6cm total area. This is a 3D / Emboss design competition.
 The design height must be not less than 5 mm but should not
exceed 5cm in height.
 Tips can be the equal, different sizes, oval, square, tapering, and so
on. it does not provide extra points or penalty points.
 The design must have a continuous composition / common theme
in all 3 types.
 The submitted work must be presented on a flat surface or in a box
firmly fixed.
 You can use any type of tools and design items to create your

  • All works must have an entry with a description of the work, a
    list of the tools used and the name.
  • All participants must be prepared to explain how the work was
    created, if it’s requested by the judges.
    CAN BE USED  various glossy details, metal elements, beads, pearls, pebbles,
    pigments, foil;
     acrylic, watercolor paints;
     gel paint, gel polish;
     plastilin gel;
    Organizer – VšĮ Grožio Aljansas mokymų centras
     poly gel;
     acrylic system;
     and etc.
    PROHIBITED  Stickers
    REQUIRED Use of crystal (at least 80% of design)
    CRITERIA max.
    100 points
     WOW effect / overall impression (20 points)
     Coloristics – Are Colors Used? If the work is monochromatic – is
    crystal shading used? (10 points)
     Accuracy / cleanliness – Inlay quality (there is no trace of gel,
    adhesive residue) (20 points)
     Creativity – Is the theme chosen and the work done original? (20
     Crystals – Does the crystal inlay cover at least <80% of the overall
    design? Is the inlaid style matched with the overall image of the
    sculpture? (10 points)
     Continuity of the theme – composition (10 points)
     Isthe work done using 3D technique? Is the 3D image suitable for
    the selected theme? (10 points)