THEMES 1. Wedding

  1. Extreme
  2. ZOO
    TIME 75min (1 hour 15min) Will take place in the competition area
    INFO  The participant will have to create 3D design in accordance with
    the presented topics within 75 minutes, over the 3 tips provided by
    the organizer.
  • 1st tips – Wedding-themed design (unique decoration for bride
    or bridesmaids)
  • 2nd tips – Extreme design theme (extravagant, eccentric,
    unique, avant-garde, exclusive – interesting and unseen style)
  • 3rd tips – ZOO design theme (wildlife, it can be any type of
    animal or part of it – zebra, ant, cat’s eye, dog’s face, foot print, etc.)
     The theme is just a generalization of the design. It’s your choice to
    select the techniques and design items, so is completely free.
     The organizer will provide 3 tips to the participant . Tips
    dimensions – 1.4cm x 4.5cm.
     The participant can shorten or otherwise shape the type.
     The design height must be not less than 5 mm but should not
    exceed 2 cm in height.
     The participant has to be prepared for design ideas and make them
    in the competition area.
     The participant must prepare and have all the necessary tools and
    design items.
     You can use any type of tools and design items to create your
     The participant can use telephone, printed photos.
    Designs must be 3D and comply with the presented topics.
    They may not be suitable for everyday wear! They should be
    created for a special occasion!
    CAN BE USED  various glossy details, metal elements, beads, pearls, pebbles,
    pigments, foil;
     acrylic, watercolor paints;
     gel paint, gel polish;
     plastilin gel;
     poly gel;
     acrylic system;
     and etc.
    PROHIBITED  Stickers . various pre-designed items.
    REQUIRED Use crystal (at least 50% of design)
    CRITERIA max.
    100 points
     Designs are evaluated separately: 1 – Wedding, 2 – Extreme, 3 – Zoo
    Theme Tips:
     Does the tips/ design match the theme? Is it understandable /
    clear? Inlay – at least 50% of total design? (10 points for each tips)
     Work complexity, accuracy, inlaid quality – cleanliness. (10 points
    for each tips)
     3D Creativity / Originality – WOW Effect (10 points for each tips)
     The individual judge will evaluate the initial impression (“wow”
    effect), looking at all 3 tips / designs (10 points)