TYPE 1. Flat painting

  1. Mix-Media
    TIME Already finished and presented works competition
    INFO  BOX – Cubism with Inlay / Modern Art.
    Cubism – It is characterized by deformation, “gap from life”,
    decorative, varied color combinations, more uniform shapes,
    fragmented perception of reality, depictions of objects
    simultaneously from different points, geometric form without
    connection with object and its structure, and so on. This is an
    unconventional box-painting style on tips with fairy-tale themes.
     The participant must creat a tips box (cubism theme) with minimal
    crystal embellishement.
     Theme – Free
     The work must be done before the competition and presented to
    the organizers before the scheduled date.
     Both Mix-media and flat painting nominations – Work must be
    done on 5-10 types (optional), the size should not exceed 15x15cm
    of total area.
     Tips can be the equal, different sizes, oval, square, tapering, and so
    on. it does not provide extra points or penalty points.
     The submitted work must be presented on a flat surface or in a box
    firmly fixed.
     Can be used any technique suitable for flat / no 3D painting –
    aerograph, gels, gels, watercolors, acrylic paints. They can be
    mixed together. Their number is unlimited.
     The height of the work may not exceed 5 cm.
     At least 3 different techniques must be used – aerograph, gel paints,
    gel polish, polygon, acrylic, plastillin gel, inlay, accessories – bisper,
    Organizer – VšĮ Grožio Aljansas mokymų centras
    foil, pearls, etc., gel, watercolor, acrylic paint.
  • All works must have an entry with a description of the work, a
    list of the tools used and the name.
  • All participants must be prepared to explain how the work was
    created, if it’s requested by the judges.
     various glossy details, biserie, pearls, pebbles, pigments,
     foil, metal parts;
     acrylic and watercolor paints;
     gel paint, gel polish;
     aerograph
     various glossy details, biserie, pearls, pebbles, pigments,
     foil, metal parts;
     acrylic and watercolor paints;
     gel paint, gel polish;
     plastillin gel;
     poly gel;
     aerograph
     acrylic system and so on.
    PROHIBITED – stickers, metal – already prepaid details
    REQUIRED Use of different crystals / sizes or shapes (at least 20% design)
    CRITERIA max.
    100 points
     WOW effect / overall impression (10 points)
     Coloristics – Are Colors Used? If the work is monochromatic – is
    crystal shading used? (10 points)
     Accuracy / cleanliness – Inlay quality (there is no trace of gel,
    adhesive residue) (10 points)
     Does design fit with Cubism art style? (10 points)
     Creativity – Is the theme chosen and the work done original? (20
     Crystals – Does the crystal inlay cover at least <20% of the overall
    Organizer – VšĮ Grožio Aljansas mokymų centras
    design? (10 points)
     Composition – Arrangement of the elements of the work, their
    interrelation and their relation to the whole (20 points)
     Continuity of the theme – composition (10 points)
     In the Mix-media category, have at least 3 different techniques
    been used? (20 points)
     Flat painting category – plane perspective has been used? (20