TIME Already finished and presented works competition
INFO  INLAY BOX is a variation of the traditional Box Painting / MixMedia
Box and similar ones. In this competition you need to inlay, over
tips, any desired design, pattern, or created item, and inlay it on
tips. Create an artistic masterpiece.
 Theme – Free
 The work must be done before the competition and presented to
the organizers before the scheduled date.
 Work must be done on tips and should not exceed 15x15x15cm in
general and not more than 5 cm in height.
 The design has to be done on 10 tips. Tips can be the equal,
different sizes, oval, square, tapering, and so on. it does not provide
extra points or penalty points.
 The submitted work must be presented on a flat surface or in a box
firmly fixed.

  • All works must have an entry with a description of the work, a
    list of the tools used and the name.
  • All participants must be prepared to explain how the work was
    created, if it’s requested by the judges.
    CAN BE USED  various glossy details, biserie, pearls, pebbles, pigments,
     foil, metal parts;
     acrylic and watercolor paints;
     gel paint, gel polish;
     plastillin gel;
     poly gel;
     acrylic system and so on.
    PROHIBITED – stickers, metal – already prepaid details
    REQUIRED Use of different crystals / sizes or shapes (at least 80% design)
    CRITERIA max.
    100 points

  •  WOW effect / overall impression (10 points)
     Composition – Arrangement of the elements of the work, their
    interrelation and their relation to the whole (20 points)
     Coloristics – Are Colors Used? If the work is monochromatic – is
    crystal shading used? (10 points)
     Accuracy / cleanliness – a job completeness – is understandable
    what is shown in the work? Inlay quality (there is no trace of gel,
    adhesive residue) (20 points)
     Has 3D technique or plane perspective been used? (20 points)
     Creativity – Is the theme chosen and the work done original? (10
     Crystals – Does the crystal inlay cover at least <80% of the overall
    design? (10 points)