TIME 75min (1 HOUR 15min) Will take place in the competition area
INFO  Participant has 75 minutes to create a salon nail design with
crystals and / or additional design tools on models nails.
 The model is provided by the organizer. The model will have a
specific dress style, which will not be known to the participant
until the start of the competition.
 The nails of the model will be natural, not covered with any base or
color, just with manicure already done. The participant will be able
to overlay the model’s nails with the desired color, which would
suit the style of the model.
!! The participant can extend the length of the nail plate and
change the shape of the nail. It’s his choice. Length and shape of
the tail – not valued!
 Theme – Free / Surprise model
 The design must match the model’s outfit, age, style.
 The design should be done at the MINIMUM of 2 nails of 1 hand
(i.e., 4 nails on 2 hands).
 Design height can not exceed 5mm
 The participant must prepare and have all the necessary tools and
design items.
 You can use any type of tools and design items to create your
The design must be adapted for daily wear!
CAN BE USED  various glossy details, metal details;
 biserie, pearls, pebbles;
 pigments, foil;
 acrylic, watercolor paints,
 gel paint, gel polish;
 and etc.
PROHIBITED  stickers
 various pre-designed items.
REQUIRED Use of crystals (at least 60% of design)
100 points
 WOW effect / overall impression (10 points)
 Creativity / Originality (10 points)
 Compatibility / Coloring – Does nail design fit into the look, age,
style of the model? (20 points)
 Difficulty – Use of Different design Elements (10 points)
 Harmony – Is the design overloaded? “Dry”? Is the design designed
for everyday wear? (10 points)
 Composition – Arrangement of the elements of the work, their
interrelation and their relation to the whole (10 points)
 Crystals – Does the crystal inlay cover at least <60% of the overall
design? (10 points)
 Accuracy / cleanliness – a job completeness, clarity, cleanliness –
inlay quality (there is no trace of gel, adhesive residue) (20 points)