TIME Already finished and presented works competition
INFO  Sculpture is the creation of an object from a variety of materials,
copying existing forms, highlighting and emphasizing some of their
features or creating abstract objects based on basic geometric
forms. It is handmade (you created) sculpture.
 The sculpture can be made from any material you choose (acrylic,
polygel, etc.).
 Work can be done with different decoration types and techniques
(pigments, paints, watercolors, acrylic, aerograph, etc.). They can
be mixed together. Their number is unlimited.
 The sculpture must have at least a minimum of 20% (overall)
crystal embellishement.
 Theme – Free
 Work size – unlimited.
 The work must be done before the competition and presented to
the organizers before the scheduled date.

  • All works must have an entry with a description of the work, a
    list of the tools used and the name.
  • All participants must be prepared to explain how the work was
    created, if it’s requested by the judges.
    CAN BE USED  various glossy details, biserie, pearls, pebbles, pigments,
     foil, metal parts;
     acrylic and watercolor paints;
     gel paint, gel polish;
     aerograph
     plastillin gel;
     poly gel;
     acrylic system and so on.
    PROHIBITED – stickers, metal
    Organizer – VšĮ Grožio Aljansas mokymų centras
    REQUIRED Use of different crystals / sizes or shapes (at least 20% design)
    CRITERIA max.
    100 points
     WOW effect / overall impression (20 points)
     Coloristics – Are Colors Used? If the work is monochromatic – is
    crystal shading used? (10 points)
     Accuracy / cleanliness – Inlay quality (there is no trace of gel,
    adhesive residue) (10 points)
     Does design fit with Cubism art style? (10 points)
     Creativity – Is the theme chosen and the work done original? (20
     Crystals – Does the crystal inlay cover at least <20% of the overall
    design? Is the inlaid style matched with the overall image of the
    sculpture? (10 points)
     Work performance – complexity. Used of different techniques for
    designing and decorating (20 points)
     Cleanliness – Inlaid quality (there is no trace of gel, adhesive
    residue) (10 points)